“We” The e-book (coming soon)

Studies have shown that the enjoyment of a relationship, the amount of time and the enjoyment of a relationship can be highly impacted by a single pronoun–we. Learn some practical steps to move towards a new level of togetherness in your relationship.



Is a better relationship possible?
This movie clip driven, interactive workbook experience will transform your most important relationship! This 6-week program (plus a bonus chapter) contains some of the worlds best relational tools and insights and the greatest questions you can be asking to move towards a healthier and more satisfying relationship. You owe it to you, and to your relationship, to become the best you can be!



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Craig is President of Flourish Ministries–a non-profit organization based in Southern California which is designed to help individuals, marriages, and parents. He has spoken to groups from Moscow to Beijing, encouraging and equipping people to live the abundant life that God has created for us! He has a Masters of Divinity from Trinity in Deerfield, Illinois. He has been an adjunct professor at Vanguard University. More


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